History of the hotel

The hotel was built back in 1912 under the name Molinari Hotel and later Lezzeno Hotel. Various families have managed it over the years. Later, the name was changed to Hotel Aurora. The previous owners thought that the hotel project would not be successful, so they had two stairways built to create to private residences.

In 1965, the hotel was purchased by the Gregorio and Pellolio families. Their grandparents – Pierino and Maria and Adone and Carolina, the family poet who died centenarian in 2008.
In 1960, the family started growing and Ivan, Adonella, Piero, and Stefano were born.

At that time, the hotel had only one star, ten plain rooms and a small restaurant on the terrace. Domenico and Silvia put all their hard work and passion to manage the hotel and restaurant, while Lidia prepared delicious dishes in the kitchen, her kingdom.



"Travelling is like dreaming: the only difference is that not everyone, once awaken, can recall their dream. Whereas, everyone has a vivid memory of the trip from which he has returned."

Edgar Allan Poe



In 1975, Vanni, a passionate motorboat racing champion, inaugurated the Jolly Racing Club – one of Lake Como’s first water skiing schools – and specialised in water ski racing, introducing his children and grandchildren to this sport.

For Stefano, Piero, and Ivan it was the beginning of a long journey in the world of sports, while Adonella devoted herself to music.

A great career in sports led Stefano to become world water ski racing champion in 1995 in Viersel, Belgium, coached by his brother Piero, the Captain of the Italian national team.

That same year, Vanni, Lidia, and Ivan decided to leave the activity and Stefano and Piero stepped in to manage the hotel and restaurant, always with Domenico and Silvia.

Stefano takes care of the kitchen, while Piero runs the water skiing school, although he has left races for wakeboarding.


Meanwhile, the family kept growing. Piero married Margherita and Stefano, Patrizia. Soon after, Gionata, Mattia, Giorgia, Niccolò, and Martina were born.

In 2002, the wives decided to join the business and continue to the tradition.

In just a few years, the hotel went from one to 3 stars.

The hotel and restaurant were completely restored, and the construction of the beautiful Villa Aurora was completed in 2009.

While working at the hotel, Silvia has always managed to make time for her other passion: watercolour painting.

In the meantime, the children have become passionate wakeboarders, and in 2009, Giorgia became world champion in South Korea, at the age of 12. In 2010, she became European champion in Sweden.

After becoming a top athlete, she became a member of the Italian national wakeboarding team.

  From left: Margherita, Mattia, Gionata, Niccolò, Pietro, Silvia, Domenico, Stefano, Patrizia, Giorgia, Martina e Lucky (the dog)